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Them And Us lyrics


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     Them And Us
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        despite that he saw blatant similarity
    he struggled to find a distinctive moiety
    all he found was vulgar superficiality
    but he focused it to sharpness
    and shared it with the others
    it signified his anger and misery
    them and us
    lobbying determined through a mire of disbelievers
    them and us
    dire perpetuation and incongruous insistence
    that there really is a difference
    between them and us
    hate is a simple manifestation
    of the deep?seated self?directed frustration
    all it does is promote fear and constrenation
    it's the inability
    to justify the enemy
    and it fills us all with trepidation
    them and us
    bending the significance to match a whimsied fable
    them and us
    tumult for the ignorant and purpose for the violence
    a confused loose alliance forming
    them and us
    I heard him say
    we can take them all
    (but he didn't know who they were,
    and he didn't know who we were.
    and there wasn't any reason or
    motive, or value, to his story,
    just allegory, imitation glory,
    and a desperate feeble search for a friend)
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